External and International Relations

- A total of 13 months internship experience including 4 months in English-speaking countries 

- A major part of the curriculum devoted to industrial projects strongly anchored in the local context

- Many courses taught by recognised professionals

Links with the professional world

In order to keep abreast of the issues facing the business world, ESIROI maintains partnerships with numerous companies in Reunion Island, mainland France and overseas.

The aim is to train versatile professionals capable of integrating networks and to respond swiftly to future opportunities.


Our engineering students pursue mobile corporate careers.


Each curriculum includes 4 internships assessed on the basis of a report (dissertation) presented to a panel of examiners, as well as an appraisal by the company.


To ensure that ESIROI studies have a truly international dimension, all 3 curricula include mandatory internships abroad.

Duration of internships


Location of internships abroad

Exchange programs

The development of partnerships with foreign universities represents one of ESIROI's strengths encouraging student mobility and openness to other cultures.


ESIROI has links with different exchange programmes, ERASMUS, CREPUQ and ISEP to Universities in Europe (Italy, Sweden and Spain), Quebec, America and New Zealand.


Several members of ESIROI’s lecturing staff belong to research laboratories including:

  • Qualisud : Integrated approach to food quality
  • PIMENT : Physics and Mathematical Engineering for Energy and the Environment
  • LIM : Computer, Science & Mathematics Laboratory
  • LCSNSA : Laboratory of Natural Substance Chemistry and Food Science