Food science and technology

Areas of activity

• Food industry

Food safety and quality control

• Technical studies and consultancy

• R&D

• Certification


This curriculum allows students to develop skills which will enable them to: 

• develop new products and process by drawing on specific managerial, cultural and business experience.
• design agri-food production plants and organize food production
• implement quality management and define control plans
• manage SME accounting, financial affairs and human resources 

Special attention is paid to food processes in tropical areas: the specificity and variability of raw materials, the optimization of existing technologies to comply with the quality of both raw materials and finished products.


Food science and biological engineering, biochemical analysis, enzymatic, microbiological or biotechnological processes

• Food process engineering, food plants design and production management
• Fundamentals of engineering science, computing and applied mathematics
• Quality control 
• Company management & project engineering 
for food industry

Career opportunities

• Industrial R&D engineer
• Research assistant and project executive
• Production engineer
• Industrial quality manager
• Company and industry manager in both small and medium-sized firms.

International cooperation

• Indian Ocean : Madagascar, Mauritius
• International : Australia, Canada, Great Britain, India, Italy, New Zealand, The USA